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the Benjamin Franklin Academy

is an open enrollment, tuition-free public charter Middle/High School. The school’s mission is to develop its students’ hands, heads, and hearts through a curriculum that focuses on the pursuit of happiness – as envisioned by its namesake Benjamin Franklin. Thank you for visiting our site

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“The Declaration Of Independence Only Guarantees The Right To The Pursuit Of Happiness; You Have To Catch It Yourself.” Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Academy will provide a content-rich liberal arts education that incorporates hands-on learning opportunities and a project-based approach to learning traditional subject areas.

The school aims to cultivate well-rounded individuals who can work with their hands, think with their heads, and feel with their hearts to prepare students for their pursuit of happiness.

Charter Approved – December 8, 2022
School Opening – Fall 2023

Our Founders

Patricia Humphrey
Michael Dupont
Marcie Ouellette


Math Program
Science Program
Language Arts
History Program
High School Credits



Hands-on learning will include the building, artisan, and agricultural trades. The acquired skills will lead some students to satisfying work in those or related trade areas: while providing essential life skills to all students.


Critical thinking and problem-solving, intellectual curiosity, and executive functioning will also be emphasized, leading to a rational and mentally healthy approach to life and work.


Franklin Academy will offer a small school environment with a strong culture of mentorship and encouragement. Students will develop meaningful self-esteem through productive work and achievement.

Interested in getting involved with the planning or support of Benjamin Franklin Academy?

  • Attend an informational meeting to learn more about charter schools, particularly Benjamin Franklin Academy.
  • Volunteer your service utilizing your professional expertise. It will take educators, administrators, lawyers, personnel managers, facility planners, IT specialists, fundraisers, and more to join the team to bring Benjamin Franklin Academy to you!

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